About Team Primatus

I started Primatus Marketing in November of 2016. I struggled for a bit, but after a year of grinding, finally stumbled across e-commerce. I saw a little bit of success, then knew this was the route I needed to take. I kept on growing store after store, quickly accumulating over 2.5 million dollars in sales my first year into e-commerce. Of course, in doing so, I changed many lives, had people working for me and built an amazing culture of people who are crushing it with online sales. These people are known as “Team Primatus”.

I think working with so many people, I needed a culture. High quality, like-minded individuals. I have now opened up the name Team Primatus to ALL of my successful followers/students. Really, anybody who has seen results following my methods.

I truly believe that most content out there on drop shipping is motivated by course sales. Which brings questionable strategies, people and tactics to the table. That is why I started my Youtube channel, and why I’m starting this blog. I truly believe that the drop shipping world needs to be more driven by profits and long term thinking, rather than just being a Youtube who just tells you what makes sense, I only share what actually makes money. That’s just how it is here.